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Chris Lopez

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What a Weekend!…Now it’s time to get back to work!!!

What a game yesterday, huh?

I honestly thought that after Larry Fitzgerald took it right up the middle and straight to the house, that the Cardinals had it in the bag.

Leave it to the relentless Steelers to create a championship drive in 2 minutes that was capped off by what was probably the best catch in Superbowl history (no disrespect to Dwight Clark and David Tyree from last year’s champs the NY Giants – my team!) to take the crown away from Arizona.


I stayed home yesterday and watched the Superbowl with Rozanne and the girls (well, the girls kind of just played while we watched the game).

We made it a family event and ordered pizza and some hot wings. The kids had a blast.

If I remember correctly, I ate about 4 slices of pizza and had about 10 wings. Clearly, I’m still able to pack it down. I can to treat myself to some of that stuff once in a while because I still maintain a great activity level.

Aside from my structured 4-day-a-week workouts, I also do a couple of fun kettlebell recovery workouts per week in addition to getting out to play basketball once a week.

I eat a “clean” diet.

I practice Flexible Intermittent FASTING once or twice per week.

I don’t count calories.

And I make sure that I demand QUALITY in what I put in my body…well, except for last night’s chomp-fest.

So how’s your Superbowl hangover going? Are you recovering from your pizza and wing night?

It’s great to treat yourself every now and then provided that you eat great quality stuff on “the regular” AND stick to your training schedule.

So now that your “nosh” day is over, what are you doing to get back on track?

If you remember last Thursday, I announced the 1st EVER FitAndBusyDad Transformation Challenge!

Well, I put the OFFICIAL RULES up today, so feel free to go check them out…

=>FitAndBusyDad Transformation Challenge

You’ve got nothing to lose now.

The Superbowl is over.

Enjoy your day guys. No more wings until after May 30th, alright? 🙂

Chris Lopez
The FitAndBusyDad

P.S. The days are getting longer and spring is on it’s way.

What better way to get ready for the nice weather than to get in shape and not feel like you have to keep your shirt on in 90 degree weather while you’re mowing the lawn!

=>Get Started with FitAndBusyDad Workouts and Enter the Transformation Challenge!


No tricks or shady marketing crap… just my promise to send you articles like the one above a few times per month.

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1 thought on “What a Weekend!…Now it’s time to get back to work!!!”

  1. Almost had the same stuff you had, Chris. Pizza and some BBQ ribs!

    Great game …Greeeaat game. Wish the Chargers were in in it though! =)


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