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What’s YOUR Reason For Training?

Yesterday I got a great "pulling/deadlift" workout in.

Here's how my workout went down…

1) Rope jumping x 120s, glute activation, bodyweight warm-up
2) Hang Clean (5×135, 6×135)
3) High Pull (6×175, 6×185)
4) Shrug Pull (6×225, 6×245)
5) Deadlift (5×275, 5×285, 20×135)
6) Face Pull (20×60, 15×70)

I've been doing this workout for a few weeks now and really enjoy it because I've seen my results carry-over into everyday life.

I've noticed a big increase in my vertical jump – going from barely nicking the basketball rim with my finger tips to fully grabbing the rim and swinging on it like a monkey.

I've noticed how my back pain (which usually occurs the day after I play basketball or volleyball) has virtually disappeared.

I've noticed that my posture is a lot better, my shoulders and traps are looking "meatier" and I'm down an inch around my waist.

I've also noticed that my wife is slapping me on the rear end a lot more…BONUS!

All of these benefits from a workout whose purpose is to get me stronger and more athletic.

I'm not training for the "looks"…although, believe me, I know looking better is a bi-product.

I'm not training specifically for fat loss…but I have lost an inch around my waist.

As busy dads, because our priorities have evolved since we've had children, our workouts need to evolve as well.

Gone are the days when we can open up some bodybuilding magazine and copy the high-volume workouts that are meant for 20-year-old meatheads.

We should be training for performance – to get better each and everytime.

We should be training for health – eliminating back pain, increasing Growth Hormone production and increasing energy so we can keep up with our kids!

We should be training for strength – so we inspire our kids, keep the fire burning in our marriage and be the figure of strength in our family.

Those are the reasons I train and bust my a** each time I'm in the gym.

What are YOUR reasons for training?

The FitAndBusyDad

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Chris Lopez


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3 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Reason For Training?”

  1. Great post Chris. I couldn’t have said that any better. I play volleyball (recreational but I used to play high school varsity and played throughout college). I don’t enjoy meathead workouts anymore. But your reasons why you train is precisely why I train nowadays. My vertical has improved drastically and now have more power from my hips and core – I’m not complaining. Not for looks…but that comes with it as well so we’re definitely hittin 2 birds here. Great post! Andy

  2. Chris said:
    “We should be training for strength – so we inspire our kids, keep the fire burning in our marriage and be the figure of strength in our family.”

    You hit the bullseye once again, Chris!

    For ‘health’, ‘performance’ and ‘strength/inspiration’…can’t think of a better way to say it. You said it all. Awesome post!!!



  3. Hi Buddy!

    Great post man!

    As a father and when my little ones (now 23 & 25 now 🙂 ) were growing up I worked out so that at 'any time' , 'any day' if they wanted to go for a run, lift, sprint hills, play full court basketball etc…I was able to do it.

    There is no better feeling on earth, (well, other than your wife hitting you on the ARSE 😉 ), then your kids asking you to do something physically demanding with them and you are there for them. PRICELESS!

    As long as the fitness stuff is not thrown in their face as a 'must do' this will, for certain, lead over into their lives and benefit them long term, especially when they become parents and they can spread the word of a 'healthier you' to their little ones.

    Thanks for the post dude!

    Hope to see you in a few months. Not sure if you are going to Ozworth.


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