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What You Need To Know For 2015

It’s 2015 and this will be your best year ever.

If you want to stay on top of your health, your training and your life, then these are the 5 trends that you need to know.

These are my BIG, BOLD Predictions for this year in the fitness and health industry.

Some of these things you may be doing already – and if that’s the case, then you’re ahead of the curve – but some may be new to you… and even unconventional.

Keep in mind that even though these are predictions on trends, everything on this list is, in fact, happening RIGHT NOW.


Get on the horse with these now before EVERYONE jumps on the bandwagon…

  1. Primal and Developmental Movement Programs will take off.

    OriginalStrengthBookWith my involvement with the Original Strength System and learning from teachers like Geoff Neupert, Tim Anderson and Joe Sansalone I’ve come to realize that there is so much more to fitness than lifting heavy stuff.

    I’m constantly reminded that fitness programs are meant to support the activity in our lives, NOT provide us with activity.

    After all, what’s the point of being able to deadlift 500lbs if you get gassed after climbing a flight of stairs…

    …Or can’t teach your son how to shoot a jump shot?

    With that said, systems like OS, Primal Movement and MovNat will become really popular as clients will start demanding that they “re-learn” how to move better.

    Keep an eye out especially for OS in the coming months. ?Big things are planned!!!

  2. Gut Health Awareness will become mainstream.

  3. I first learned about the importance of gut health from alternative health pioneer, Paul Chek.

    It was from Paul where I learned that…

    • You must sleep 8 hours per night so that good bacteria can grow and re-establish a healthy ratio between good and bad bacteria in your gut.
    • Antibiotics don’t distinguish between good and bad bacteria and will kill ALL bacteria in your gut.
    • The health and functioning of your immune system requires you to have a healthy gut. i.e. A healthy gut = getting sick LESS.

    My immediate advice to you is to invest in a good quality probiotic supplement AND to eat gut friendly foods that promote the growth of healthy bacteria like kefir, kimchi or saurkraut.

    You’ll be ahead of the game if you do that.

  4. Men will start becoming more aware of declining Testosterone Levels (and therefore more Testosterone Boosting Products will emerge)

  5. This is actually a real problem.

    And men like you and me will start to realize that if we don’t take care of ourselves by watching our diet, managing stress and training the right way – avoiding things like long duration cardio but not making ourselves puke every time out – we avoid and even REVERSE the symptoms of low testosterone and aging.

    If there’s one piece of advice that I can give you about this, it’s don’t be afraid of fat or naturally occurring cholesterol found in food.

    Eat your eggs, avocados, nuts and grass-fed butter…and beef.

    Lots of beef.

    For more information on how to increase your T-Levels sign up HERE.

  6. People will eat more carbs.

    Sorry, but the low-carb craze is OVER…

    You need about 125g of carbs a day to support liver glycogen reserves, which in turn fuels the brain and central nervous system at rest.

    It is true that once muscle glycogen stores are high, they will stay high until intense training is performed.

    But since liver glycogen is used to regulate normal blood sugar, it can become low/depleted on a daily basis even without training.

    “Going no carb on off days can cause some to experience symptoms such as low energy, poor cognitive function, irritability, and foul mood. Perhaps that?s why there are so many dicks in fitness that seem to be miserable, pissed off, and emotionally disturbed all of the time?”

    -Nate Miyaki, Nutrition Expert

    Oh, and did I mention going low-carb for an extended period of time will result in Low Testosterone (see above)?

    So sure, you’ll be skinny…

    …but you’ll be limp too.

  7. Calisthenics, gymnastics, bar gyms and play-based fitness Programs Will Become Really Popular

    With the popularity of movement-based systems like Original Strength, the natural progression after that will be to learn how to express that strength using your own body.

    BarStarzz, The StrengthProject, The Harlem SeALS and the WCO (World Calesthenics Organization) have started it.

    Soon you’ll see Average Joe’s working on the rings, doing Parkour and training outside on the beach.

    I won’t have any kettlebells with me in Costa Rica while I’m gone from mid-January to mid-February,

OK, there you have it.

Get familiar. Use them. Dominate.

And make 2015 your best year EVER.


No tricks or shady marketing crap… just my promise to send you articles like the one above a few times per month.

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1 thought on “What You Need To Know For 2015”

  1. Hey Chris,
    I’ve recently found your blog and can appreciate the work you’re putting in as an entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and father. I too am juggling a lot with 2 daughters, a fitness business, a new blog (to help dad’s), and trying to keep myself in shape.

    I actually really like your calls here and agree with them all, especially the primal movements and bodyweight/calisthenics.

    Keep up the good work, bro!


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