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Blue Collar Session #002 (a.k.a. “Old Man Insurance”)

I received this comment from Steve in Australia (scroll to the bottom) when I posted BCS #001 in our Strength Club Facebook Group

“Old Man Insurance”… I like that one, Steve 🙂

So with that as inspiration, here’s BCS #002…

BCS #002 – a.k.a. “Old Man Insurance”

You?ll need a single ?Prime Kettlebell?.

***A ?Prime Kettlebell? is the kettlebell you feel most comfortable using. It?s not heavy, but it?s not light. It?s the kettlebell where, if you had to evacuate a burning house and could only take one kettlebell with you, this would be it. I?m guessing for men it would be a single 20 or 24kg – maybe a 32 if you?re really strong. For a woman it would be a 12kg or a 16kg.***

Set your timer for 15 or 20 minutes and do the following…

Perform a Get-Up…

BUT, Press the kettlebell at each position going UP and DOWN from the Get Up.

So the sequence would be as follows…

  1. Floor Press the KB to a vertical arm
  2. Roll to your elbow. Press the KB.
  3. Push up to your hand. Press the KB.
  4. Lift Your Hips and Sweep Your Leg and Get in to “Post”. Press the KB.
  5. Hinge and “pop” into 1/2 Kneeling. Press the KB.
  6. Stand Up. Press the KB.
  7. Then, reverse the entire process going down pressing the KB at each stop.

Park the KB, rest if needed and perform the entire thing on the other side.

Do as many rounds as you can within the 15-20 minutes.? If you use your “Prime KB” you’ll probably get 1 round per arm.? If you’re really strong, you may get 2 per side.

And don’t forget…PERFECT TECHNIQUE is King.

You’re welcome 🙂


No tricks or shady marketing crap… just my promise to send you articles like the one above a few times per month.

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