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Blue Collar Session #003

This is my go-to session when I don’t have any time.


  • conditioning
  • strength
  • building your “X”
  • movement patterns – hinge, gait, push, pull, twist/resist (the only thing that isn’t covered is “squat” but if you go forward in the crawl, that essentially is a 1-leg squat pattern)

BCS #003

You will need a PRIME or Super-PRIME* kettlebell.

(*A “Super-PRIME” kettlebell is one or two sizes above your PRIME kettlebell.)

The session is VERY simple…

You are going to ALTERNATE 2-handed Kettlebell Swings with SLOW Reverse Leopard Crawls.

The contrast between these 2 exercises is amazing…

Swing – bi lateral; explosive/ballistic; hinge/pull; external resistance (kettlebell)
Reverse Leopard Crawl – unilateral; controlled/grind; squat/push; internal resistance (bodyweight)

…and it’s in that contrast – they are almost the exact opposite movements – where the magic is in this BCS.

Here’s how it lays out…

20:00 – 10 Swings
19:00 – 8-10 reps per side Reverse Leopard Crawl
18:00 – 10 Swings
17:00 – 8-10 Rev Leopard Crawl
16:00 – 10 Swings
15:00 – 8-10 Rev Leopard Crawl
etc, etc.

Coaching Tips…


  • Be EXPLOSIVE with every rep.
  • Every Minute On The Minute works because it rewards you for being explosive – the more explosive you are, the faster your reps; the faster your reps, the more rest you get; the more rest you get, the fresher you are for the next set; the fresher you are, the more explosive you are.

Reverse Leopard Crawls

  • Both one arm and the opposite leg should be off the ground at the same time.
  • Keep your shoulders “locked down” in their sockets
  • Keep your head up and look over each shoulder as you move back so you don’t crash into everything
  • Breathe through your nose and deep into your diaphragm for the entire set



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