My 5 Rules

One of the assignments in a Mastermind Group that I’m a member of is to write down five rules to live by. These 5 Rules are an unwavering, never to be broken, Ethos on how you live your life. I shared these in the group, but I thoughtl…

I Suck At Surfing

I’m not used to this feeling. I went out by myself yesterday – rented a board from a tank of a Rastafarian named Tico – and hit the waves in the late-morning while Rozanne and the kids were at a workshop. It was humbling…and I wasn’t used to not “getting it”.

Yo… I can surf

I’m back from a life-changing week at a surf camp that I spent with 4 of my closest friends. I say luxury because it was, in fact, luxurious. The accommodations were beyond 5 star and saying the view was spectacular would be an understatement.