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Bro? Let?s Do This!!! Like, TODAY. RIGHT NOW!!!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]OK, so don’t hate but I’m writing this overlooking Playa Cocles on the Costa Rican Caribbean coast.

I’m sitting in a cafe called CariBEANS (as in coffee beans) where they serve organic, single origin Costa Rican Coffee and chocolate.

The main guy here, Eduardo, is a cool cat from Nicaragua who speaks Spanish (obviously) but when he speaks english he’s got a thick West Indian accent ? kind of like a Rasta.

We’ve developed a bit of a friendship, so he’s said that he’ll help teach me Spanish over the 2 months that we’re here.

Earlier today I was taking a look at my yearly plan and vision for 2016 and I realized that TODAY, February 1st, is a MONDAY!

And there’s no better time to start picking up steam and getting on your goals than today.

January is behind us.

There’s nothing that you can do to bring it back, so if you slipped up a bit, there’s no better day to get back on the horse and do something to positively help you reach your goals THAN TODAY.


So when it comes to your training, ask yourself is there a purpose to what you’re doing?

I always talk about the difference between training and ?working out?.

Working out is what most people do? people who don’t have goals.

Those who TRAIN have a goal in mind?

?Press 40kg with one arm?
?Drop 3 pant sizes?
?Lean down to 9% bodyfat?

Those are goals.

They’re measurable.

There’s a beginning and an end and sure fire plan or road map on how to get there (that’s what a program is for).

?I want to tone up and get in shape?? That’s what people who ?work out? say.

And if they don’t know what that means ? because really what does it mean to ?tone up? and ?get in shape?? ? then it doesn’t matter what they do because they’re not specific enough about what they want.

They just go to the gym and work out.

And guess what?

When the beginning of 2017 rolls around, they’ll probably be saying the same thing?

?I just want to tone up and get in shape?.


But that’s not YOU.

You know what you want.

You write your goals down.

You read them everyday.

You meditate on them every morning.

And you have a plan on how to achieve them.

And if you’ve slipped up, then we’ve been given TODAY to start again.

I believe in you, AND I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.

So if you don’t know what your goals are, figure that out first.

What drives you?

What’s the ONE THING that you want to do that keeps you up at night?

What’s the ONE THING, that if you finally achieved it, would make everything else in your life easier?

Tell me what it is in the comments below.

I really do want to know? because I want to help in any way I can.

Listen, there’s a reason why February 1st is on a Monday?

Because it gives us a chance to start again.

The only difference?

The only difference is that this time we’re going to finish.

We’re going to see our goals through right to the end.

I KNOW you can do it.

And I’m here to help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


No tricks or shady marketing crap… just my promise to send you articles like the one above a few times per month.

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