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The Best Muscle Building Advice For Men Over 40

Want to build muscle?

Want to get in better condition?

And get STRONGER in the process?

Get a Pump With A Heavy Weight

That?s what you need to do.

It?s the best muscle building advice that I?ve ever received. EVER.

It was advice from Pavel back at my RKC Level II in 2014.

“Get a Pump With a Heavy Weight”
-Pavel Tsatsouline

We were talking about the dishonour of high-rep, low weight training and how that builds big, puffy, bodybuilder-type muscles.

There is a time and place for lighter loads, I?m sure.

(Rehab, maybe?)

But for the majority of the time, the weight that you PRACTICE WITH should be heavy.

It should be challenging.

It should build your strength in addition to your muscles.

How much weight?

About 80% of what you can lift one time.

Or sub-maximal sets of a 4-6 RM.

So if you can press a 24kg kettlebell 5 times, then that?s the weight you use.

But you don?t TOUCH 5 reps when you train.

You do 1, 2 or 3 reps? multiple times.

And as you get stronger, you cut the rest time between your 1s, 2s and/or 3s.

And get a pump.

And when you do that, WHILE adhering to our 3 Rules?

…good things happen.

You start to get stronger.

You start to put on some mass.

You’re doing more work, so you’re burning more calories…

…and if you’re watching what you’re eating, that will translate to less fat around your mid-section.

But most importantly, for guys with REAL LIVES (a real job, real responsibilities, kids, bills, a mortgage)…

…it means that we can continue to train WITHOUT burning out.

It means that you can show up to your workouts – day in and day out – and feel refreshed knowing that you’re making progress.

It means that you can lift weights and not be sore the next day so you can continue with everyday life.


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