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My January Diet…

…And How To Prep Your Immune System For a Plane Ride

It’s a travel day today as Rozanne and I head to NYC for the weekend…

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I’m attending the Original Strength workshop so I’ll be sure to come back with lots of great information for you guys and give you some cool tips on really simplifying your training. Stay tuned.

Whenever I travel, I always make sure that – starting from a few days before – I try to get as many fruits and vegetables in my system as I can. You see I hate planes – not flying, I actually enjoy and am still amazed that you can get anywhere in the world in a matter of hours.

Planes, though – big cylindrical tubes with air “recycling” systems that have you breathing other people’s germs – yeah, those I hate.

It’s no wonder that people get sick a few days after they get off a plane.

So I try to combat that by packing in the most nutrient dense foods I can and supplementing with extra Vitamin C and Vitamin D in the days leading into a flight.

One of the best ways to take in as much nutrients from fruits and vegetables as you can is by juicing.

A few months ago I dropped a pretty penny on a snazzy new juicer (our first one) and it’s been such a great investment. Every Wednesday night – the night we get our organic vegetable delivery – Rozanne, the kids and I spend an hour juicing our newly arrived produce.

Our latest concoction that I’m drinking this morning as I write this is kale, pear, cucumber, celery, parsley & lemon.

When we get back though, Rozanne and I will be in full detox mode and do our annual cleanse… juicing more often and really focusing on whole foods – veggies mainly – for a couple of weeks while our systems flush out all the toxins and impurities.

Have you ever considered going on a cleanse or a detox to start off the New Year?

If you have, you should check out THIS VIDEO first, because not all cleanses and detox programs are created equal.

If the video I’m about to share with you fell into the hands of the Hollywood detox “experts”… they’d be furious.
Because it contains 3 shady “trade secrets” the whole cleanse industry has been praying you’ll NOT discover.

You see… Most detox programs aren’t just ineffective, and a complete waste of money. They’re also downright dangerous!

Herbal shakes… “spicy lemonade”… detox pills… pooping potions. They all damage your body over the long term.

Specifically, there are three things going on that you absolutely MUST be aware of. And to make sure you don’t fall victim to these lies… my very good friend and holistic nutritionist, Yuri, has put together a short video that explains everything…

Click here to check this FREE video out

This short video will save you months, possibly even years, of frustration and poor health.

Have an awesome day,



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