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The #AlphaDad Podcast Episode #002 – The Origin Of The #AlphaDad

In Part 2 of my interview?with Geoff Neupert we get away from the weight training and meathead talk and get a little philosophical.

I’m going to warn you now, if you’re sensitive about religion, permissive parenting or just talking straight and hearing the truth, you’re going want to skip this episode.

It gets raw and I can’t begin to tell you how many cans of worms we open.

If you’re able to take and use information to your advantage to make you a better person, then this could be a transformational episode.

In this Episode:

01:45 – The winners of the grass fed protein contest
03:40 – Update on the #100DayAlphaDadChallenge
07:00 – Leopard Crawling for 10 minutes straight (the challenge within the challenge)
9:55 – Letting Go: My 17-year-old daughter’s month-long trip abroad
12:10 – The Origin of the #AlphaDad
17:00 – Men and women are different
22:00 – Man Up and be straight with each other already
23:20 – Thoughts on permissive parenting
26:45 – How to outfit your ideal garage gym


Show Notes:

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